Monday, June 11, 2007

A Few Suggestions

I love comics and weird RPGs. If you love either/or, here are some very unique ones you have to read or play, hyperlinked to as good a starting place as I can find. These are all obscure: give yourself a point for having heard of one, or three points for having read it/studied the manual.



0-1: Not very geeky, man.
2-4: Big geek.
5-8: Top notch indie nerd.
9-15: You already heard about these in person from me.
16+: There is no 16+.

All of these have very unique elements to them, so in addition to being fun, I think they are very good to learn from.


Craig Perko said...

I'm not claiming to be more indie than thou: anyone as geeky as me could toss a few onto the fire that I've never heard of. There's plenty of indie to go around.

Chill said...

Cool finds man. I got 4 points: I heard of Amber and played Nobilis. Nobilis, btw, is definitely one of the greatest, funnest games I've ever played.