Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bosco's Inconvenience Store

If you haven't been playing the recent Sam & Max games, you've been missing out. They are, by and large, a lot of fun. Even if you suck at adventure games, just grab a walkthrough and walk through. It's like watching an especially well-written episode of... something...

But the reason I bring it up is because of Bosco's Inconvenience Store. We live very near an Inconvenience Store of our own. The similarities are frightening.

"Do you have any... Benedryl?"

"You might be interested in what I have behind the counter..."

"Okay, how much is it?"

"Five hundred pennies!"

"That's kind of high..."

"You want it or not?"

"Fine, fine... hey, this is children's Benedryl. Cherry-flavored chewables?!"

"But it works, trust me, trust me!"

But our place also sells beer and wine. In fact, half their store is beer and wine.

Fascinating post, this one. I feel like Neil Gaiman.


Duncan said...

I just like the fact that Bosco manages to keep getting weirder. And the price of stuff keeps escalating. And he never has anything actually useful. And the 6th episode has the best run of "Do you have any" jokes in the entire series.

Plus they made it to 6, on time and everything. Has any other episodic content done that yet?

Craig Perko said...

I don't know of any other successful episodic games out there, with the possible exception of this flash mystery game I played and don't remember at all...

I haven't played episode six yet. Not a whole lot of spare time on my hands these days, but I'm going to start it very soon. :D