Sunday, February 18, 2007

Like a Professional...

(Boring post)

Deep in the February Freeze-Out, struggling through colds, power outages, and mild seasonal disorder, I have had a grand total of zero progress on virtually every front. But I still feel pretty good.

I've been developing algorithms for social play, as explained in earlier posts, as well as some new feedback loop minutiae. I've discovered vast quantities of stuff that won't work and problems I never knew existed. I think these are mostly my own personal limitations. For example, I can't seem to figure out how to create a "smalltalk simulator" that isn't boring (no emotional investment)... but that might just be the fact that I find smalltalk inherently boring. So, while I have a few ideas about long-term relationship and social gameplay, the moment-to-moment stuff is escaping me. Unfortunately, abstracting makes it feel very strange...

I've also discovered vast amounts of stuff that can work that I never knew existed, across the spectrum. For example, I've come up with a passable system for generating emotional scenes, characters, and plot arcs by doing some new abstractions. Of course, then displaying them with enough verve to matter becomes an issue - it would probably be possible with a few million dollars, although I'm sure new issues would pop up. They always do. :P

Anyhow, it may appear that I'm sleeping, but I have actually been chugging along. A habit I share with many other people is that I'm best at theories and ideas when I'm irritable, tired, and depressed... but, of course, implementation is basically impossible during these times.

So, I suppose I have lots of ideas backlogged for a time when I'm more energetic. Just so you know that they're there.

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