Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Coulda Been a Contenda

Huff, puff, trying to get back into theorizin' shape.

This here's an essay on Science Fiction. More specifically, all the fun and wacky variants! It's a list of all the facets I could think of. See if you see anything you like.

I suggest not trying to read it through. It's a bit repetitive. Instead, skip anything that bores you. I, uh, should warn you. It's pretty detailed, and definitely only a first draft.

Science Fiction facets


Anonymous said...

I found this to be entertaining and interesting. Write a book.

Craig Perko said...

Sure, once I'm back in writing shape.

Patrick said...

I thought it was very interesting and entertaining, but was a bit dissapointed that everything as so SL2.

Its reasonable that a catalogue of sci-fi settings is in line with the conventions of that genre, but wouldn't it be cool to explore mind-plexes and superintelligences and quantum computed reality nestings in a game?

Craig Perko said...

There's actually a lot of reasons for that, the two biggest ones being that:

(A) future shock depends on newness, which is kind of outside the scope of the essay. ANY of those axes can be made to have high or low levels of future shock.

(B) it's very hard to run a game with more than two levels of future shock: players can't really come to grips with the way the world works.