Monday, November 13, 2006

Big Book o' Social Play

Here's a 25 page essay, if you're man enough to read it! Or woman enough! Or whatever. I suggest tackling it two pages at a time, with copious amounts of webcomics, caffiene, and wild beach parties between sessions. Invite me.

Anyhow, it explains my most recent theory in grotesque detail. There really is a lot of juicy, applicable stuff in there. At least, I think so.

Just keep in mind this is not exactly a polished document. Especially at the end, it kind of dwindles to random tips and notes. But it is full of juice! You will definitely learn some interesting game design tips, although I might be talking out of my buttocks. You'll never know unless you read it.

Big Book o' Social Play

1 comment:

Patrick said...

This seemed pertinent to the synchronization idea.

This is a solid document, it could use some touching up, and some fleshing out towards the end, but very solid. I encourage you to finish this and submit it to wider publication elsewhere.