Saturday, October 28, 2006

Side Effects

I made a tabletop system - haven't done any serious testing of it yet, just really early stuff. Here's the link to the "Alpha 0.02" version of the guide. It's a full-sized guide, so expect to spend some time on it if you click. Still, I would appreciate you telling me how opaque it is, what's cool, what needs clarification...

(The bookmarks work, so that's handy.)

Side Effects

It's kind of like Stargate: SG-1, except you travel through time instead of space. And it's evil. EEEEEEVIL!


Corvus said...

I can't promise to spend a lot of time with it, thanks to my own hectic schedule, but I'll give it at least a gentle poke!

Craig Perko said...

That'd be nifty.