Wednesday, October 18, 2006


If you want to see the primitive alpha prototype of the evillest, geekiest game EVER, go and visit my newest glorious invention: Turing Prison.

If you can beat level 3, you're pretty good. Ha!

Edit: Updated to be not QUITE so unfriendly.

Edit: No extra levels, but spades more functionality.


Patrick Dugan said...

Wow thats fucking hardcore. This is the sort of extremely niche game you could fund with the ransom model.

Jeff said...

Yey! I saved the LISP guy in 6 instructions!

:( that's all there is though. Generally awesome, but I recommend some UI improvements. Having all of the elements on the same page would be nice, and I think it's totally possible. Only other thing I'd like is to know which tape elements represent which doors, which would help me as I walk through what I'm trying to do.

Let me know when there's more levels ;)

Craig Perko said...

Glad you two liked it.

Jeff: If you can think of a way to get all that data on one screen, I would be very happy to do it. You want to draw me a diagram?

UI things I'm definitely doing:

Mouseover doors scrolls to their bit on the tape.

Clickable characters give more advice on levels.

"Step-through" mode instead of "run automatically mode" for less points.

Special awards for solving the level in weird ways.

Fun things in future levels:

Creatures that can open doors and can smell your characters instead of wandering randomly.

Two machines! (Same code base, but start on different instructions.)

Multiple tapes.

Stuff which can be picked up, carried, and dropped using multiple tapes.


Jeff said...

I think highligting the area on the tape would be better than scrolling.. less time waiting for it to get to the place it needs to be on the tape.

Here's the UI:

To make this UI work though, you might have to reduce the font sizes (especially on the programming side of things) as well as the size of the prison. Don't know about you, but on my screen the sizes are all much bigger than they need to be.

The advantages here are that you can refer to the tape while you're programming it, and you could actually show what's being addressed when durring excution, which would help in "debuging," especially in tutorial levels.

Craig Perko said...

I'll try it on for size and let you know.