Sunday, July 16, 2006

And now, a bunny.

Okay, no bunny. But no more serious theory today. Instead, cartoons.

I think my version of Lara Croft is much cooler:

A starlet:

(Color version by Textual Harassment)

A miniature girl in a miniature bikini:

Tophat demon!


Corvus said...

Nice. I like your style.

Textual Harassment said...

I dig it, especially "starlet"

Lara Croft never did strike me as a serious archaeologist. I like your take better.

Textual Harassment said...

Encoloration of one of these renderings has been performed by me: linky

Craig Perko said...


Patrick Dugan said...

Damn, that girl looks coked out. A subtle sign of a starlet.