Friday, February 10, 2006

Marketing tip...

Note to marketers: the pitches your phone system gives while a caller is "on hold" need to be more carefully thought out.

For example, a customer calling because their internet service is screwed up doesn't need to hear a pitch about the solution they already bought. It's like someone grabbing your hand and hitting you with it while saying, "why are you hitting yourself? Huh? Why are you hitting yourself?"

You have to think about who is going to be listening to your pitch and what mood they are going to be in. It doesn't make sense to advertise something they (A) already bought and (B) are busy being dissatisfied with.

That means you, Charter.

On the other hand, the guy you sent out did a good job. On the other other hand, the workman you sent over to hook up the house next door disconnected me when he did it, so... well, at least you aren't charging me for the servicing.

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