Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute is the brain of the anti-science movement, if you can call such idiocy a "brain". It supplies money and organization to the various pro-creationist movements. Their beliefs and behavior are astoundingly self-destructive, and they have targeted a science (evolution) whose only major benefits have been in the medical industry. Unlike virtually every other branch of science, evolution has only produced things which save lives. That's what they are fighting, in case you aren't up to speed. They, and stem-cell/genetic alarmists, are actively dooming people to lingering deaths. Deaths which could be prevented. People who could be cured, fed, and healed will die. Hundreds of thousands.

They are the worst kind of being. They are either liars or delusional, and they sway the nation against some of the purest, most noble works of science. For no reason other than their own insanity or gluttony for power.

And they are three blocks from me.

Bleagh. I think I'm going to be sick.

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