Friday, May 20, 2016

Ghostbusters Review

Since so many people have decided not to review the new Ghostbusters movie, I have decided to fill that gap! Here is my review.

The movie has definitely suffered from its inheritance: like most eighties megahits, the sequels drown under the weight of greedy hands. Forty writers and two hundred producers means the movie was destined to be a patchwork. The question is: how nice is this patchwork?

Well, it's clear that the (editor/DP/sound guys/caterers) did a stellar job, but everyone else on the crew clearly struggled under the deluge of conflicting orders. It was difficult to watch without quipping, given my long experience mocking B movies.

I did enjoy the cast, each distinct both visually and in character. I was especially blown away by (McCarthy/Wiig/McKinnon/Jones), as she managed to actually say the script's driveling with a straight face.

As the movie wore on, it became clear that my biggest problem was not the confused writing or meddlesome production: it was the (racism/sexism/homophobia/objectivist politics). Despite the progressive tint the casting gave this movie, in the end it was poisoned by the same weird old crap that poisons nearly every big-label reboot.

In the end, is the movie good or bad?

I would put this movie substantially above the Transformers reboot (which was unwatchable if you speak English). I would even put it above the Star Trek reboot, as the camera work didn't make me physically ill and the writing didn't actively betray the ideals of the original.

Yes, if I see this movie, it will definitely be in the top 3 new releases I saw this year.

No matter how I order them.

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