Friday, July 31, 2009


(This is a parody of "Hallelujah" with the lyrics bastardized into a song about the discovery of pulsars. I woke up and it was in my head, so I wrote it down. Hope you enjoy it.)

I heard there was a secret star
that pulsed clear beats from afar,
But you don't really care for physics, do you?
It went like this, every second and a third,
A pulse that could clearly be heard,
Baffling and delighting with little green men!

Little green men! Little green men.

It was clear to most that the distant tone
Was long distance from an alien phone
But some math came in and stabbed right through you
You read it in your kitchen chair,
You checked that math in your underwear,
And every breath you drew was little green men!

Little green men.

Well, maybe deep in outer space
Is a suitably little green alien race
But ignoring the facts just isn't in you.
It's not a cry we heard at night,
It's not somebody's distant light,
And it's so cold and lonely without little green men.

Little green men. Little green men. Little green men.
Little greeeee-eee-eee-eee--eeeeeen men.



John Brewer said...

That's hilarious.

Craig Perko said...

Well, thanks, stranger.

Soyweiser said...

I assume that you meant the Leonard Cohen version of Hallelujah right? (apparantly there a quite a few songs called hallelujah out there).

Still brilljant :). waiting for the mp3 ;).

Craig Perko said...

I'll give you an MP3 if you give me a singer and a guitarist or pianist.

Yes, it's that Hallelujah. I'm glad you figured it out, because it would have been pretty confusing to try to put it to any of the other Hallelujahs out there. (Hallelujae?)

Ellipsis said...

I think most of the modern Hallelujahs are covers of the Leonard Cohen song, so it's either that or Handel, and since it doesn't have an exclamation point after the first word, it's clearly not a Handel parody. QED.

Craig Perko said...


Oh star almigh-ghty in the higggghest
Etc etc

Ellipsis said...

There we go, now we have all our bases covered.

Although I have to say the Handel, doesn't perform as well without the music accompanying it. I guess it wasn't really known for its lyrics.

Craig Perko said...

He was a lyrical genius, Handel was. Every time I met him, I'd say, "You're a lyrical genius, man!"

And he'd say, "Ich spreche kein Englisch, dummkopf!"

Ellipsis said...

At first I thought you were just being silly. Then I saw you used a foreign language, so I knew you must be saying something really smart.

Craig Perko said...

It's Friday. I'm allowed to do both.

Maria V. said...

hahaha, that was awesome. now i'm thinking of jeff buckley singing this.

Craig Perko said...

Jeff Buckley was actually the one I heard sing it as I was waking up, so you're right!

Maria Varmazis... are you the one I know, or a new Maria? No, wait, you're definitely the Maria I know.

Hi! How's things?

Craig Perko said...

(It's pretty clear because you have a picture of my MOM on your webpage...)

Maria V. said...

things is good, doing the nightly blog lurk.

haha, yeah, that is indeed your mom and your niece! (somehow your sister escaped my camera).

i first heard the song as sung by jeff buckley, though lately i think of that scene in the watchmen O_o.

there is only one maria varmazis. the world can't handle more than one :P

Maria V. said...

p.s. vocaloid for version of this put to music, freaky but it might be easier than getting a singer & guitarist

Craig Perko said...

The world can't handle more than one of me, but that doesn't stop there from being another me. He's a race car driver, but he's not nearly as much like me as I am...

I'll look at Vocaloid, I've never bothered before.