Thursday, August 28, 2008


One of the things about haiku that's usually overlooked is that they're really a form of nature poetry: they're supposed to refer to elements of nature.

Well, I've invented a new kind of poetry called "highku". It's exactly the same as haiku, except that instead of referring to the world around us, it refers to a new and alien world. It's basically the inverse of a haiku. A haiku makes us appreciate the world around us. A highku makes us feel terrible that we're not off gallivanting around the universe.

Here are some examples:

Martian seas
The fish fly beneath
The domed sky

Ships line up in rows

Teeth, claws, eggs... eggs? Shit
it's a queen

So, waste your work day: what kind of highku can you write? Let's see 'em!


mahalis said...

I like the second one. Is the 3/5/3 structure intentional, though? I always thought haikus were 5/7/5.

Craig Perko said...

We usually do them 575 in English because we're a bunch of wussies. I like 353 better.

In 575, you can just go on and on and on...