Friday, June 06, 2008

I hate Epson

So, I stopped off at home to switch out my luggage. Kind of different climates, Ireland and Hawaii.

I print out an MBTA (bus) itinerary. For some reason, the web designers decided that their printable version should have color in it. Fools! It uses up the last of my blue!

So now I've got 3/4 full black cartridge, out of blue, warnings on the other colors.

I go to print out a text page full of my various hotels' contact info. No! You're out of ink! You can't print out something in black and white when you don't have blue!

No, you can't SCAN something when you're out of blue ink! Scanning takes blue ink, too!

This isn't a printer settings issue. The printer simply refuses to do ANYTHING when it's out of any kind of ink, regardless of the settings.

What the fuck is up with that? And at the worst possible time, too.

Oh, Hawaii was nice, by the way.

A lot nicer than Epson! Fuckers.


Jojo said...

Smacks of greed!

Patrick said...

This is a bit low-tech, but what I usually do is write stuff down on a pad of paper.

Mory said...

Sometimes a printer will use color ink for a black-and-white document when you tell it to print in color. When you go into the printer properties, isn't there an option between black-and-white and color? Try switching to black-and-white and see if it makes a difference.