Thursday, September 13, 2007

STEAMy Affairs

I've written angry posts about STEAM in the past. But much time has passed. So when I started to create a mod for HL2 for work, I figured, "hey, STEAM's a mature technology now, and I probably over-reacted. How bad could it be?" After all, I finally got on board the GameTap express, and it works well enough.

But STEAM still sucks. Sucks like a vacuum. Like a black hole. Like a politician.

Not only does it make it extremely difficult to debug your code, but it also happy-fun crashes at least once every two hours, requiring a reboot to get it to work again. That is, of course, not mentioning the fact that I can't compile HL2 in debug because STEAM doesn't LET you run debug, so you have to compile it in release. Oh, and any time it crashes, it SILENT crashes. No error messages.

And for this joyful experience all I have to do is sit through pop-up ads and incessant, random, pointless dialog boxes.

Thanks, STEAM! I had forgotten what true incompetence felt like.

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Craig Perko said...

Ooh, ooh! And pop-up ads INSIDE THE GAME ITSELF! "Press shift-tab to join the STEAM community! PRESS IT! I won't fucking go away until you press it!"

Hello, not only am I running a mod that nobody else on the planet has, it's specifically a ONE PLAYER MOD.

I hate you, STEAM. I hate you.