Saturday, September 23, 2006


Working on Flash. Here's a simple game. It's flash, but should be given its own window due to dimensions:


This is the FIRST game I've made, but it's actually more than it seems. This is "Bubeq Flat". You play by clicking on the bubbles you want to pop. The cost of popping a bubble is noted in the upper right, and slowly increases. There are five hundred bubbles to deploy before deployment stops. Normally, you'd lose when the bubbles reach the top, but not in this build.

This game is not a final game. Not only is it missing things like win conditions and options, it is actually a restricted version of the "real" game.

The way it's built, this version of Bubeq clears three-of-a-kinds (vertical and horizontal). However, the code supports the ability to put in ANY patterns you want cleared. For example, maybe "blue-green-blue" gets cleared, or "yellow-white-white-yellow" (it's best to make them reversible). Moreover, it can be horizontal only, vertical only, or both. Plus, each pattern can be worth a different amount.

The basic idea is that you "buy" patterns. So, when you start, maybe you start with clearing only threes-of-a-kind. But after the level, you can purchase other patterns - easier or harder - to make your life more profitable. If these purchases are linked to equipment, it will not only change the way you look with each purchase, but also limit what patterns can be equipped simultaneously.

It's going to be brutally complex for the player, but not for the programmer... I think most levels will only use 3 or 4 colors.


Jeff said...

Final sounds fun. Can't wait for it!

Three "usability" requests for you after playing for just a few minutes.
1) Can you improve the algorithm a bit to look for things like 4 in a row and crosses? Eg. There were several times where I would get a line of 4 or a cross of colors and it would only remove the first 3
2) Especially when the loosing condition is in, can you turn up the speed just slightly if you run out of money (which I did)? That way the person doesn't have to sit around and wait for things to finish.
3) Last, can you include a counter of how many bubbles are left on the level?

That's it! Great game!

Craig Perko said...


1) Actually, the fact that it only removes 3 is on purpose. In the "full" game, you would be able to equip something which would clear threes or clear fours, but not both because clear three takes precendence. A clear-four pattern is worth three times as much as a clear-three pattern, so the user has to choose between easy and profitable. At least, that's the theory.

2) Yeah, it's still rough. :P

3) Did that. The build I have now supports inventory, shopping, and doing levels, in addition to somewhat clearer feedback. I'm building a level-selector, level-randomizer, and host of additional equipment.